​​​​Retire on Real Estate

Building Rental Income for a Safe and Secure Retirement

What's up with the chickens & eggs?

RETIRE ON REAL ESTATE is all about chickens and eggs. To give you a preview of my book, the nest-egg idea of saving up a sum of money in a risk-based retirement account and then chipping away at it once you've stopped working, and simply hoping or praying it will be enough . . . is cracked. Seriously cracked. It just doesn't make logical sense, even though most people still cling to this method as if it is tried and true. The truth is that as a society, we've only evolved into this way of doing things in the last 30 years or so. In my book I show you how things went awry and why we are facing a retirement crisis, individually and as a nation.  

In my book I also advocate getting a chicken for you and your family! Not a real chicken - unless that's your thing of course - but a metaphorical one. I believe rental properties are like chickens because they provide "eggs" for you day after day, month after month. My book shows you why you need a chicken and some easy ways to get one, even if you're starting from nothing. I also show you all you need to know to take care of your chicken so that it will be a low-risk, ever-producing asset. In other words, I show you how to protect your retirement dreams - whatever they are - and avoid late-life poverty using the powerful and surprisingly achievable tool of real estate.