Workshop & Coaching 

       8-week live on-line workshop, 2 hours, weekly

  • 1st hour - lesson
  • 2nd hour - open-ended group coaching, questions, problem-solving, motivation!

        When is it?
       Clear your calendar! You don't want to miss this!
              Monday nights, 8-10 EST 
              Beginning Monday, October 14 

              Last session: Monday, December 2 (Just in time to be well prepped for your 2020 resolutions!)

        What will it cover?  

               ​This workshop will cover THE HOW!  In other words, how in the world to get from A to Z (and everything in between) to diversify our retirement savings to include rental property! including...

               In the 1st session, I will get acquainted with everyone's unique situation. so that as you hatch a plan, I can assist in creating one that is tailored to YOU!  We will cover the basics of setting a Level I, II, or III Goal and you will decide what is best for you.

               Sessions 2-7 will be dedicated concretely to HOW....

  • how to afford a rental property when it seems out-of-reach,
  • how find a great rental property,
  • how to evaluate potential rental properties, including running the financials - which could make or break your investment
  • how to negotiate a great deal and ensure that you have clauses in your offer that protect you from a rotten deal,
  • how to find, screen for, and secure a great tenant, (and other property management tips)
  • how to maintain your property for ever-appreciating value, pay it off quickly, and further advance. 

               In the last session, each participant will solidify their personalized path forward.

What does this cost?\

Any questions about the workshop? Just email me directly at 

Register now, if ...

  • If you’re terrified that the volatile stock market, shaky social security system, and unscrupulous financial advisers will leave you with far less than you need to safely retire, this workshop is for you!
  • If you worry that you may be forced to either work forever, or retire with the ever-present worry of running out of money, then this workshop is for you!
  • If you believe that diversifying your savings to include real estate is the only true diversification, but you aren't sure how to get started with rental property ownership, this workshop is for you!
  • This 8-week online workshop/coaching combo will be your PIVOT POINT in creating a safety net or even complete financial self-sufficiency in retirement.

8 weeks of face-to-face learning, 

discussion, & problem solving!

REMEMBER:  ALONG WITH OTHER FREEBIES THAT YOU CAN ACCESS THROUGH THIS WEBSITE, you continue to have FREE, unlimited access to my proprietary Cash Flow Analysis Tool!  Use this to analyze properties BEFORE you buy to see if it's a smart move!  Use it to compare properties.  Use it to decide whether you should convert your home into a rental. And use it on properties you already own, to inspect their performance, and make adjustments to improve them!


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About me... 

​Over the past 14 years of rental property ownership and landlording, I've learned a million tricks of the trade and I am eager to share them with YOU!!  So that YOU too can "build rental income for a safe and secure retirement"!  I am the author of the award-winning book "Retire on Real Estate: Building Rental Income for a Safe and Secure Retirement"".  In this book I break down both the "why" and the "how" ... In other words WHY it's so important to diversify past our "pile of eggs" (aka "nest egg" or savings) by getting at least 1 "chicken" (cash-flowing rental property), and HOW exactly to do this, even when starting from nothing!  This particular course (registration above) provides a detailed, concrete, personable, and authentic step-by-step course on THE HOW, that is how to go from contemplating rental property to actually owning, and benefiting from, a sustainable, monthly income-generator for life!  (Please note that if you are interested in a session on the very important topic of "WHY", please go to  Come join us and prepare for a pivot point in your life - a pivot that will elevate your financial future (and that of your loved ones once you pass), FOREVER!!

​​Retire on Real Estate

Building Rental Income for a Safe and Secure Retirement

Retire on Real Estate

Your Retirement Savings
(aka "Nest-Egg") may be 

But... Here's How
Protect Your Retirement Dreams
(with Real Estate)