​​​​8-week "Summer School" 

Yes, YOU can Retire on Real Estate - Pivot Project!

Begins JUNE 1, 2020

(2 hours per week for 8 weeks)

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Sessions begin the week of June 1

This is YOUR CHANCE, to prepare yourself for life after COVID-19! 

This is YOUR CHANCE, to PIVOT your retirement prospects toward safe, comfortable or even completely self-sufficient! 

This is YOUR CHANCE, to find hope - once again - in your retirement dreams.

But don't leave it up to "chance"!!!


Join us in this intensive "How To" summer school,

    so you can transcend cruising the real estate pages (i.e., "window shopping"/"tire kicking")

        to actually owning cash-flowing rental property

            as a part of your sustainable, tangible, long-term retirement plan,

                property that can't be "used up" like your savings & 401(k), and

                    will likely appreciate in value, for your loved ones, long after you're gone.  


(This comes to under $25 for every hour spent together!  Less than dinner for 2 at Panera... BUT with benefits that last for life, AND for generations to come!)  

What the 8-week Pivot Project (June 1 - July 20) includes:

1) 7 Intensive Classes- Weekly (Mondays 7:30PM EST - Unlimited replays available!)

CLASS #1: Secret purchase strategies - that I and others have used to buy rentals. Whether you are starting from nothing or have existing savings &/or property, you need to know these insider's tip/tricks that I reveal in the very first session so that you can build monthly ever-flowing eggs (Income) FOR LIFE, using rental properties!!
CLASS #2: The
6 ESSENTIAL steps to evaluating your potential rental property so that you are confident by the time you get to the closing table that you have a GOOD and cash-flowing rental property that you won’t have to worry about – a feeling that is priceless!  
Math Made Easy!  Knowing your numbers can MAKE or BREAK your success! Quick formulas to help you evaluate the financials so that you can be confident that you have a CASH-flowing rental property – and avoid the money pits!
Secrets to making bullet-proof offers & negotiating a great deal! Also, I share with you contract clauses to use yourself (or have your realtor use) to make a good deal even BETTER, and make a bad deal DISAPPEAR (without losing your deposit!)!
How to find/screen/secure QUALITY tenants (& property managers!). LEVERAGE my 15+ years of experience to avoid pitfalls, avoid scam artists, and grab awesome tenants who will help you pay off your mortgage & protect your investment for the long term!
Don’t let this happen to you! Risks in real estate, how to avoid them in the first place and recover from them painlessly, including eviction process and eviction alternatives.  Use my time-tested strategies (built from my own mistakes!) to AVOID the bad egg of a tenant, the rotten chicken of a property and other risks inherent in real estate investing.  
Let’s do it! Your LAUNCHPAD to make your retirement dreams come true! Retire on real estate in 10 concrete steps, plus 2 secret goal-attainment strategies... AND Advanced moves to creating monthly ever-flowing Eggs (Income) FOR LIFE!!

2) Weekly Accountability and Question/Answer Live Group Calls

(Mondays, 9pm EST, and other day/times TBD)
Jump in on a weekly basis with Kai and other "Yes, YOU can-ers" to register your progress with the webinar series with Kai, get all your questions (large and small) answered and hear answers to questions you haven't thought of quite yet. Benefit from this FREE support during the 8-week course. These will be real-world action packed calls for a full hour. 
In the 8th week, we will meet for 2 full hours to ensure each participant is ready for launch!Kai is also available for free support, via email, on an ongoing basis (during and after the 8 weeks) at no charge to Pivot Project participants!

3) Private Jump-start Consultation with Kai (for a limited time!)
Spend a half hour with Kai by phone, Zoom, or FaceTime to jump-start your journey!  

4) Free copy of Retire on Real Estate - The NAREE Award-winning Book
You will receive, in regular snail mail, your very own personally-autographed copy of Kai's NAREE-award winning book, Retire on Real Estate

5) Free copy of the Retire on Real Estate e-Companion Guide: A Step-by-step Blueprint for Success
This will be your guidebook and reference for the duration of the 8-week course.  This is very easy to read and contains easy-to-implement math formulas to maximize your success! If you've already purchased this book- I'll offer a refund of twice what you paid! :) 

6) "Yes, YOU Can" Pivot Project Homework/Challenge/Notes Accountability e-Packet 
All your challenge and homework assignments are in this packet, with space to complete them and take notes,  so that you can easily refer back to them in the future and all your progress is logged in one super-organized and convenient place!  


Having just completed Kai’s book and online course, I am confident to use real estate to diversify my retirement income.  Well organized and clear, Kai covers every aspect of the process, including her proven methods for selecting, contracting and renting property and vetting and keeping quality tenants.  This information dispelled my apprehension and moved me forward to achieving higher retirement income.  Thank you, Kai, for sharing this information! 

    - Mary 

I am very happy to have participated in your online course. I found the information very specific, detailed and helpful. It covered start to finish, all the important elements for finding, obtaining and maintaining my "chicken". Thank you!  

    - Shelly

Kai nicely details the HOW in going about acquiring properties and tenants. Her course gently prods students to employ the methods in her book and she entertains questions they may have along the way in doing so. I’ve gained so much more confidence in taking steps to actually partake in getting involved with rentals!  Love the fact that we can use your spread sheets for free!  

    - Linda

Retire on Real Estate

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RORE-Pivot Project Summer School  

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I don't want anyone to miss out due to inability to pay!

​​​​Retire on Real Estate

Building Rental Income for a Safe and Secure Retirement